Roofing Services Southampton

Roofing Services Southampton

Are you in search of the finest team of tradespeople that can provide the best roofing services Southampton can offer? If you are, then you need to call the team at Caws Carpentry today on 023 8047 1052 or the business mobile of 07939 217974. We can provide you with exceptional results and flawless customer service at competitive prices. Get in touch with our team and let us know how we can help. 

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A property isn’t complete without a roof and the difference between a passable roof and a great roof is enormous. Don’t let your home be affected by the negative effects brought on by a roof that isn’t up to your standards, let our roofing services Southampton take care of it. 

Whether you are looking for a completely new roof, a replacement, or repairs on your existing roofing sections, we are the team for you. Our experienced team have an extensive history of successful projects, which yielded unsurpassable results and 100% customer satisfaction. 

Our roofing services cover, but aren’t limited to: 



No matter how many elements of our services as roofing contractors Southampton you wish to employ, we have the dedication and expertise to deliver unprecedented results.


Roofing Services Southampton With A Difference

Unlike many other roofers in Southampton, we take the time to understand our clients’ requirements on every level. This helps us to deliver results that completely cover all of their needs and expectations, as well as giving us the chance to go above and beyond. We are always looking for ways to do more and forge our already sterling reputation even more.


Extension Roofing 

Here at Caws Carpentry & Building Ltd, we can assist with the roofing on your new extension. It is important to choose the right type of roof for your extension as it will affect not only the aesthetics, but also how much useable space is created. For example, a mansard roof can actually create an additional storey to your home, on top of your new extension, giving you much more space. 

However, a budgetfriendly roofing option for your new extension would be a flat roof. They are costeffective to build and are simple to maintain. Flat roofing services, Southampton clients, need to be carried out by professionals like us as the roof will need to have the correct pitch.  

There are many more roofing types that can be installed on extensions. Get in touch with our team to find out more. 

Roofing Refurbishment 

If your roof has seen better days, but you can’t afford a full roof replacement, we can carry out refurbishment. The process of refurbishing your roof involves cleaning, repairing, and in some cases, repainting to give it a refresh. Our team can remove and replace roof tiles that have been damaged as well as ensuring your insulation and water-barrier is intact. 

These Southampton roofing services are designed to extend the life of your current roof and are a costeffective option when compared to a full replacement service.  

Flat Roofs 

One of the many types of roofs we can install here at Caws Carpentry & Building Ltd is flat roofs. These are exactly what you would expect from the name; a roof that is almost completely level, contrasting with standard roofs that are sloped. A flat roof generally has a pitch of 10° to ensure that rainwater can run off, so as to avoid standing water from pooling on the surface. 

There are many materials that can be used for the installation of flat roofs, but some of the more common ones include modified bitumen, single-ply PVC, and EPDM rubber. 

New Pitched Roofs 

Another type of roof we can install as part of our roofing services in Southampton is new pitched roofs. As mentioned above, the pitch of the roof refers to the steepness of the slope, so a pitched roof is one that slopes downwards.  

You will generally see pitched roofs consisting of two sides sloping down from a central ridge. These roofs are shaped like a triangle and are built to withstand adverse weather. They are stronger and more stable thanks to the design and shape and the slope ensures better water drainage. 

Slate, Concrete, or Tiles 

There are many materials available when it comes to roofing tiles, and here at Caws Carpentry & Building Ltd, we can work with them all. Slate is a natural product, so if you are looking for an authentic and rustic look, it is a great option. However, slate can be more expensive than standard roof tiles, but they are low maintenance and can last longer. 

Tiles, whether consisting of clay or concrete, are a manufactured product and therefore more costeffective. Because they are manufactured, you will find there are more styles and colours available to choose from. Plus, the materials roof tiles are manufactured from are hard-wearing, so your roof tiles will be durable and robust. 

Chimney and Lead Work 

If you have a chimney on your roof, you will need to ensure the lead work is intact as this prevents water penetration. Here at Caws Carpentry & Building Ltd, we can help with your chimney and lead work. The process is simple, but important; the lead is fixed to the chimney wall by lead plugs, and these are wedged between the bricks. We then use cement to fill in any gaps, which prevents water from penetrating.  

If you are having a new roof installed, with a chimney, we can ensure the lead work is carried out expertly. We can also work on repairing existing lead work on your chimneys. 

Roofing Services Southampton With A Difference

Unlike many other roofers in Southampton, we take the time to understand our clients’ requirements on every level. This helps us to deliver results that completely cover all of their needs and expectations, as well as giving us the chance to go above and beyond. We are always looking for ways to do more and forge our already sterling reputation even more.

Other Services 



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Caws Carpentry & Building Ltd has been established since 2002, and was brought about thanks to the passion and dedication of Mr Ryan Caws. He has guided the company with his years of experience in the trade and unwavering, enthusiastic attitude towards excellence in all areas. Our fantastic team tries to emulate this passion and does so very successfully. This is why our roofing services in Southampton are regarded as the number one option in the area. 

If you are unsure about the specifics of the project you have in mind, don’t fret. Simply get in touch with our team using one of the methods outlined below and we will organise a convenient date for a consultation. This will give you all the time you need to ask any questions you have and, in turn, allow us to enlighten you on the intricacies of the job. Afterwards, you will be presented with a free, no-obligation quotation for the work – no hidden extras or added costs, ever. 

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If you would like more information on our roofing services in Southampton and the surrounding areas, any other services we offer, or to book a consultation, call Caws Carpentry today on 023 8047 1052. Alternatively, you are welcome tocontact us by filling in the online form on our website.